Linda Chadwick Named President and CEO of Dessange Group North America Salon Franchises

Seasoned franchising veteran to spearhead growth at Dessange luxury salon and spa as a part of her new role as President and CEO

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Linda Chadwick, President and CEO of Dessange Group North America

Dessange International, owner of Fantastic Sams, Camille Albane and Dessange franchise brands, is pleased to announce the promotion of Linda Chadwick to President and Chief Executive Officer of Dessange Group North America.

A major part of Linda’s role will be to oversee the expansion of the Dessange luxury salon and spa franchise in the North American market. She also will lead the company’s two other salon franchise companies, Fantastic Sams and Camille Albane.

New CEO leads Brand Evolution

Linda had previously been the President and Chief Operating Officer of Fantastic Sams, where she’s known for launching a successful reorganization of the company. She’s in the process of spearheading a brand evolution of the iconic 40-year-old franchise. Improvements under her watch include the introduction of a new store design, a new operating system and a heightened focus on increasing owner profitability. New franchise sales are up from the previous year, and the brand has seen an increase in candidates seeking franchise ownership.

Linda plans to bring the results-oriented mindset, discipline and team spirit she’s known for at Fantastic Sams to the Dessange luxury salon and spa franchise.

“When Dessange International acquired Fantastic Sams in 2012, the company immediately assumed a key strategic position in the salon franchise industry,” Linda says. “I will continue to leverage the legacies of these three historic brands, and I am committed to growing them to their fullest potential in North America.

“With our parent company’s vast resources and support, we’ve already been able to invigorate and grow the Fantastic Sams network and bring the Camille Albane concept to the market in the U.S. We’re now embarking on an expansion of the Dessange luxury franchise,” Linda adds. “I envision bold growth for all three brands that together will make Dessange Group North America the dominant full-service salon franchise brand in North America.”

Tireless leader has vision

Benjamin Dessange, Chairman of the Executive Board at Dessange International, said the company is thrilled to have Linda at the helm.

“As our franchise brands grow more rapidly into the North American market, I believe Linda is the right person at the right time to lead Dessange Group North America,” Benjamin says. “Linda brings an ability to work tirelessly on all levels of brand execution — from marketing to operations and from sales to production and development. Linda brings passion, discipline and vision to everything she does.”

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