What Are the Franchisee Qualifications?

Strong business skills, a substantial portfolio and a love of the beauty industry are key

Dessange International is looking for suitable partners to establish the Dessange name in the United States and North America.


Successful candidates may be entrepreneurial investors and empire builders with impressive business portfolios, high-achieving business women or family-minded entrepreneurs who would like to build a legacy for their families. A highly skilled and successful beauty professional can also make an excellent candidate, depending on their financial capabilities. In some cases it makes perfect sense for an elite industry professional to partner with a savvy investor.

A strong business acumen and management talent is essential — not necessarily a background in the luxury beauty sector. However, the successful candidate possesses a keen appreciation for beauty, excellence and luxury.

Dessange is already the leading international luxury hair salon franchise, and it is uniquely positioned to reign as the premiere luxury salon franchise in the United States. The Dessange franchise owner recognizes this unique opportunity and is in a position to leverage it to its highest realization.

Carving out an elite space

The goal of Dessange is to capture the lion’s share of the market in the elite salon space in the United States, and our owners support this goal. The Dessange brand offers its owners a chance to be a real pioneer in this industry and be part of brand-building on a national level. The right franchise candidate for Dessange is the entrepreneur who wants to be in a category of one — someone who wants to operate in an exclusive space and who understands what that means. Dessange is a luxury brand of the highest quality and does not participate in a discount mentality. Dessange customers want an incredible, singular experience that has inherent value, and the Dessange franchisee understands this.

“A Dessange owner doesn’t need to be a stylist, but definitely needs to have a love for the industry,” says Charles Moyse, co-owner of Dessange Paris in Houston, Texas. “It’s important that the owner works in a hands-on manner with the stylists and staff. They need to understand the dynamics of the industry to truly relate to the stylist and the client. A lot of time and effort is put into making clients feel happy, and customer service has to be impeccable. The ideal Dessange owner sets the stage for all this to happen.”

A young women dressed in blush pink osterich feathers showcases her blonde pixie.The Initial Franchise Fee for a single Dessange Salon is $55,000. If you operate one Dessange Salon at the time you enter into a Franchise, the Initial Franchise Fee will be $40,000. If you operate two or more Dessange Salons at the time you enter into a Franchise Agreement, the Initial Franchise Fee will be $25,000. The total initial investment for a single Salon ranges from $593,450 – $840,350. The total initial investment for a single Salon+Spa ranges from $815,700 – $1,094,600. The initial investment includes $108,460 to $172,650 payable to us or to our affiliates for a Salon or for a Salon+Spa (including the Initial Franchise Fee and Training Fees).

Recognizing talent and opportunity

Charles Moyse, co-owner of Dessange Paris in Houston, Texas, grew up in France and began training at Dessange in Paris when he was 16. He moved to the United States in the early 1990s and worked for eight years in high-end salons, making a name for himself and steadily increasing his earnings. Charles went back to his roots in 2002 when he purchased a Dessange franchise to open in Houston.

Charles returned to Dessange because he wanted to offer the very best hair salon experience to Houstonians. He knew Dessange was the answer.

“I really missed the Dessange concept, and I felt like there was a big need for it in Houston,” Charles says. “I rejoined the Dessange family to fulfill my dream. I wanted to represent the very best in luxury. It wasn’t hard to grow because I had already built my reputation. I brought a lot of European stylists with me to my Dessange salon, and they were excited to bring Dessange to the United States, too.

“One of the great things about being a Dessange owner is that you can truly provide a motivated stylist with the opportunity to become one of the best in the profession,” Charles adds. “One of the best pieces of advice I can give a new salon owner is to find the best stylist and colorist in your city and hire those people. They will bring the great customers with them, and they will be the engine that starts the business.”



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