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What Training and Support Does Dessange Offer?

The luxury salon industry’s leader in education, support and expertise

Dessange stands alone in the industry when it comes to training and continuing education. We are seen as the world experts for hairdressers and cosmeticians worldwide. It would be unusual to find a master stylist in Europe who has not trained at Dessange. We have 11 advanced training centers in locations such as France, Belgium and Italy.


Dessange business training helps the salon owner run a strong business, while our style training ensures that your salon staff can deliver experiences that satisfy and delight the customer.

Training and support for the business owner

Dessange salon and spa owners can count on the guidance and backing of an experienced franchisor with 60 years of proven success in the elite salon and spa space. We are with the salon owner on every step of the journey — from finding the right location to planning and launching a magnificent grand opening to staying on top of marketing basics and product protocols.


A pre-opening training is given for a minimum of five days, free of change. Dessange also provides a comprehensive training kit with the proper foundational training protocols, management and organization guides, requirements governing employee dress code and customer care behavior.

We also dispatch a highly skilled design team that helps the franchisee with the detailed design and decor requirements it takes to build a successful Dessange location — from the shampoo stations to the front desk.

The hair and beauty industry is always changing, and Dessange is always at the forefront of those changes. We make sure everyone who touches a Dessange — from the franchisee, to the manager, to the stylists and beauty specialists, are up-to-date and trained to the maximum degree possible in this industry.

Training for stylists and other Dessange specialists

Dessange is a stickler for perfection when it comes to styling, coloring, skin care and other beauty regimens. We train thousands of beauty specialists worldwide every year, and we are known for training the world’s most notable and famous stylists.

Before they hit the salon floor, all Dessange staff undergo extensive training. In addition, we train stylists and colorists twice a year in their salons.

As a result, Dessange often succeeds and invents the new season’s hair styling that other salons try to imitate. We also offer a proprietary and innovative online training platform for all Dessange employees.

“I feel that training is the most important concept of Dessange to help keep you and your team on the forefront of the industry,” says Charles Moyse, co-owner of the Dessange Paris salon and spa in Houston, Texas. “Other salons just don’t have the depth and level of training that we offer. Those stylists usually have to go seek the training they need on their own. When they do, the training is not up to the same level. At Dessange we have the good fortune to train with the very best in the world.”



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