Dessange Luxury Hair Salon Franchise

International salon to the stars, popular in Paris, expanding in the U.S.

With more than 365 salons in 38 countries, Dessange is the world’s leading luxury salon and spa franchise. Founded in Paris on the Champs-Elysees in 1954 by famed hair stylist Jacques Dessange, the elite salon offers a menu of exclusive services and products from the world’s most skilled and sought-after master stylists. Dessange is the salon of choice for international film stars, celebrities and world dignitaries, who choose Dessange for haute couture make-up, hand and foot care, skin care and massage and the ultimate in hair styling, coloring and cutting. It has been the only hair salon to officially partner with the Cannes Film Festival since 1958.


Expanding in the U.S.

Dessange is now broadening access to its elite services and products with a bold expansion into the United States. We are looking for franchise partners who have the passion, vision and drive to continue our leadership in the proven — and highly sustainable — luxury segment of the beauty salon industry. Our unit-level economics are impressive. Dessange is for the sophisticated customer who expects a best-in-class experience. A single customer can easily spend several hundred dollars on services in a day-long visit.

“The influence and know-how of Dessange is an indisputable influence in global beauty — from the red carpets of Cannes to runways around the world,” says Benjamin Dessange, Chairman of the Executive Board of Dessange International. “The Dessange brand and look is sophisticated, timeless and iconic, yet it’s always evolving.

“Our expansion in the U.S. brings a time-tested experience of absolute luxury, relaxation and self-care further into North America. It presents a tremendous opportunity for forward-thinking entrepreneurs in a market that’s currently without a leading luxury hair salon franchise brand. Dessange is perfectly positioned to become that leader.”

A Focus on Global Beauty

When you schedule an appointment at a Dessange salon and spa, you’ll immediately see how we’re different from other luxury or upscale salons. Our team of trained specialists is devotedly focused on our guests, and each member of the team is an expert in what they do. The stylist doesn’t double up as a colorist, and the makeup artist is not the same person who does pedicures.

We call this level of service “global beauty,” and it’s what separates Dessange from other hair salon franchises. Global beauty focuses on the entire woman — her overall look, style and image.

Global beauty is not just a single haircut, make-up application or skin treatment. It’s an all-embracing approach based on the philosophy that beauty isn’t something that comes in one piece. Global beauty is a harmony between elements such as hairstyle, color, make-up and skincare. It includes everything from cutting to nails to the subtleties of how make-up and hairstyle fit with wardrobe and image.

Costs and Fees

The Initial Franchise Fee for a single Dessange Salon is $55,000. If you operate one Dessange Salon at the time you enter into a Franchise, the Initial Franchise Fee will be $40,000. If you operate two or more Dessange Salons at the time you enter into a Franchise Agreement, the Initial Franchise Fee will be $25,000. The total initial investment for a single Salon ranges from $593,450 – $840,350. The total initial investment for a single Salon+Spa ranges from $815,700 – $1,094,600. The initial investment includes $108,460 to $172,650 payable to us or to our affiliates for a Salon or for a Salon+Spa (including the Initial Franchise Fee and Training Fees).

An ideal Dessange owner has more than business savvy. He or she has an authentic passion and appreciation for the luxury beauty industry. This the rarified space in which they want to create a meaningful and profitable career. Dessange owners are eager to represent our best-in-class luxury brand, and they feel a great sense of pride and responsibility toward doing so.

We are looking for pioneering entrepreneurs to expand the Dessange brand in upscale metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Dessange is designed for the hands-on owner who cares about every detail of a salon, every detail of the guest experience, and every detail of how their business operates. We look for partners who are passionate about owning a truly unique, luxury service business that is unrivaled in the industry.

An expansive industry

Infographic stating:

Dessange is the only European-based luxury salon franchise in the United States. The beauty industry generates $75 billion in annual sales in the U.S., according to the 2013 Beauty Industry Report. There is scant competition in this elite segment of the market — where Dessange is already the undisputed world leader.

The ideal franchise candidate for Dessange is the entrepreneur who wants to be in a category of one — someone who wants to operate in an exclusive space and who understands what that means. Dessange is a luxury brand of the highest quality — worlds away from a “discount” mentality. Dessange customers want an incredible, singular experience that has inherent value, and the Dessange franchisee understands this.

Dessange salons become the centers of beauty in their respective markets, whether they are in Milan, Warsaw, Mumbai or Washington, D.C.

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