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The Dessange Story

World beauty leader and official Hair Partner to the Cannes Film Festival

Post-World War II France revolutionized female beauty by abandoning a fixed fashion standard for more fluid lines and lighter silhouettes. Our founder, Jacques Dessange, was a primary leader of this movement. He pioneered hairstyles that enhance the face and established the Coiffé-Décoiffé — or “messy look” — and introduced the mythical Dessange blonde.


When Jacques Dessange opened his first salon in Paris in 1954, he was already renowned for creating a new generation of women’s hairstyles with his innovative, elegant and natural cuts. The legacy had begun.

For over 30 years, Dessange has been the Official Hairdressing Partner to the Cannes Film Festival. Iconic designers have turned to Dessange for their collection shows. Screen icons have worn his iconic hair designs and spread his name. Dessange enjoys unrivaled influence in the worldwide luxury beauty sector and continues its reputation as the “salon of the stars,” the ultimate partner of cinema.

A continuing legacy

In the 1960s, the pioneering spirit and professionalism of Dessange took note of women’s thirst for emancipation and gave them access to a more liberated beauty. It launched the Prestige Shows, spectacular demonstrations that showcase the brand’s creativity and influence in its desire to bring about a global “reign of beauty,” Dessange expanded and established training centers worldwide.


Jacques Dessange grew up in a small town in Sologne, a region south of Paris known for its hunting and fishing. At 16, he dropped out of school to apprentice with his father, a barber in the local cafe where clients drank red wine during cuts. Several years later Dessange moved to Paris to trim politicians’ hair in the venerable barber shop in France’s National Assembly. Eager to learn women’s hairdressing techniques, he switched to a salon with a female clientele. Then, at 28, he opened his own salon just off the Champs-Elysees. The rest is history.

Benjamin Dessange, Jacques’ son, is now the leader of Dessange and serves as Chairman of the Executive Board. Benjamin — and all the key players of Dessange — are focused on continuing the prestigious legacy of the iconic Dessange brand. Dessange remains the No. 1 luxury hair care brand in the world with a unique network of over 365 salons in 38 countries.

Dessange in the 21st century

Dessange has maintained an empire of luxury and well-being for more than 60 years, and we continue to achieve greatness in the world of beauty and glamour. Our brand extends beyond typical concepts and definitions of hair care: Dessange is beauty in its broadest sense.

“We are ever attentive to the changing currents of the 21st century and constantly innovating in all domains,” says Benjamin Dessange, Chairman of the Executive Board of Dessange International. “Above all, we keep our promise of being ever-attentive to the Dessange guest — always unveiling their truest beauty. Today, we owe our success and originality to the training given to all Dessange franchisees, each one replicating the formula and following the same philosophy.”


The Dessange franchise system is — in essence — an experience, a technique, a professional philosophy and a strategy of communication that gives our salons a uniformity of style from Paris to Tokyo and from Tokyo to Washington.

1954 – The first salon opens in Paris.
1958 – Dessange becomes the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival.
1960 – The first Prestige Show is created, showcasing the brand’s beauty vision.
1962 – The first international salon opens in Tunisia.
1975 – The salon franchise concept is created in France.
1979 – The first training center is opened in Paris.
1990 – Dessange launches its skin care line.
1998 – The Research and Development Center opens in Brittany, France. Phytodess product line created.
2003 – Consolidation and expansion of the Phytodess hair line.
2004 – Dessange celebrates its 50th anniversary, opening a 3,300-square-foot flagship salon near the Champs-Élysées.
2009 – Dessange launches a hair care and styling line under the Dessange Paris name.
2010 – New salon concept is launched, reaffirming the brand’s luxury positioning.
2015 – The number of salons tops 365 in 38 countries.



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