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What is Dessange?

Undisputed worldwide influence in global beauty

Since its flagship store opened in Paris in 1954, Dessange has emerged as the world’s No. 1 luxury salon franchise. Now our iconic brand — the salon of choice for celebrities and the affluent of Europe — is expanding its unique franchising concept to North America.


Stepping into Dessange is like entering an artist’s studio; the only difference lies in its philosophy — to make the guest, and not the hairdresser, the star of the salon. The Dessange guest seeks an unparalleled experience and knows that beauty cannot be created piecemeal. It must be considered as a whole — effortless and elegant harmony among hairstyle, color, make-up and skin care.

“The influence and know-how of Dessange is an indisputable influence across the globe — from the red carpets of Cannes to the runways of Milan, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo,” says Benjamin Dessange, Chairman of the Executive Board of Dessange International.

The luxury hair salon opportunity

Luxury brands are growing rapidly in the United States. A January 2015 article in The New York Times named America as the No. 1 growth market for luxury goods and services, followed by Japan, Italy, France and China. As Dessange grows in the U.S., we expect our strong European tradition will attract a discerning clientele seeking a premium luxury experience.


“America needs a high-end leader in the beauty industry, and Dessange is the perfect choice,” says Charles Moyse, who co-owns the Dessange Paris salon and spa in Houston, Texas, with his wife, Amber. “The Dessange name is known throughout the world. The American market is just starting to understand our position in the world of beauty.”

Who is our target customer?

Dessange consistently attracts a luxury consumer who is older than 35, yet younger generations such as the Millennials are eager to experience luxury brands. In fact, luxury market experts Greenhill+Partners say that by 2015 Millennials will be the fastest-growing segment of the luxury market.

The typical Dessange guest has discerning judgment, and that’s something that never goes out of style. We are to the luxury salon market what Louis Vuitton is to retail or Apple is to technology — brands that are the most valuable in their respective industries.

Unparalleled training and customer service

Dessange is the leading international luxury hair salon franchise, and it is uniquely positioned to reign as the premiere luxury salon franchise in the United States. Economic conditions are highly favorable for the U.S. expansion, where the luxury goods and services market is growing at 8% — faster than those of Japan, Italy, France and China combined.


“Our guests are taken care of at every moment during their visit to Dessange — whether they stay for one hour, three hours or all day long,” says Benjamin Dessange, Chairman of the Executive Board of Dessange International. “There is never a time at which they are not being attended to with utmost regard. Dessange creates a client experience that transcends what we typically think of as luxury. It has an international dimension and a timeless mystique connected to culture, history and legend. Dessange is in a category of one.”

Dessange stands alone in the industry when it comes to training and continuing education. We are seen as the world experts for hairdressers and cosmeticians worldwide. We have 11 advanced training centers in locations such as France, Belgium, Italy, and Lebanon, and it would be unusual to find a master stylist in Europe who has not trained at Dessange.

Best-in-class luxury salon and spa

Dessange salons offer a whole range of traditional beauty services, such as make-up, hand care, foot care, nail services, hair removal and skin care. Our aesthetic expertise is the best in the industry and includes specialized treatments combining the technology of state-of-the-art devices with Dessange beauty products.

The Dessange city spa is a private haven separated from chaos, stress and petty concerns. The interiors are in soft creams and earth tones and made with the finest of materials — hardwood and marble. The furniture is exquisite.

A woman dressed in a neutral mock-turtle neck showcasing her long blond, wavy hair.Our beauty advisers apply body treatments and facials that leave the guest completely relaxed. Massages are inspired by the best techniques from around the world. The rituals, body and hand treatments and facials are adapted to all skin types to reveal their radiance and natural beauty.

The next chapter — expansion in the United States

Dessange continues to be closely associated with high-fashion celebrities and big-screen glamour. At the same time, we bring the same premium beauty experience to all clientele, whether they want to feel like they just walked off a movie set or desire the relaxed and effortless appearance of a globetrotter en route to New York, London, Paris, Melbourne or Montreal.

The expansion of the brand in the United States is the next chapter in the iconic Dessange story.

Leading the way in ‘responsible luxury’

Dessange believes that luxury can co-exist with great social good and environmental responsibility. We embrace sustainable environmental and labor standards that honor diversity, humane practices and fairness. Dessange is 100% committed to an ecologically responsible approach to conducting our business and providing our services.

To this end, Dessange has developed a detailed “Responsible Luxury Charter.” Our charter outlines our deep commitment to applying environmentally friendly solutions. We also support and assist communities and associations, especially those committed to women’s issues.



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