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What is the Earning Potential?

Higher ticket price and exclusive brand equal large revenue potential

Dessange offers a highly scalable business model with outstanding unit-level economics. It’s not unusual for Dessange customers to spend several hundred dollars for the complete luxury salon and spa experience, and some will spend into the thousands. The average customer ticket price is $130 — 40%-60% higher than the vast majority of other national salon franchises. Our guests are supremely loyal and return to our exquisite salons again and again. Dessange offers an exclusive, unparalleled experience, and clients expect prices to reflect it.


The Dessange system brings in many streams of revenue, whether it’s from an expert cut and color, relaxing hand massage, specialized skin treatment, pedicure or manicure. We also have many exclusive Dessange products for sale, including a luxury hair-care line and haute couture make-up with modern colors, sensual textures and innovative packaging.

The stability of the $75 billion-a-year hair care industry also contribute heavily to the high earning potential of Dessange. Despite ups and downs in the economy, women always want to look and feel their best; this has proven to be true throughout human history. The hair salon industry is a proven winner, and the luxury sector is even more of a standout because there is pent up demand for broader access to these services and products.

Luxury brands on the rise

The numbers look good for for luxury brands. According to Bain & Co., the luxury goods market is outpacing global GDP growth by 50%. An article in The New York Times named America as the No. 1 growth market for luxury goods and service, followed by Japan, Italy, France and China. As Dessange grows in the U.S., we expect our strong European tradition will attract a large, discerning clientele seeking the premium luxury experience.

Charles and Amber Moyse, who own a highly successful Dessange salon and spa in the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston, Texas, have clients who come to the salon several times a week, even every other day. Some don’t even wash their own hair and instead prefer coming to the salon for all styling and coloring services.

“It’s common for guests to spend $400 per visit, and if you throw in a visit to the spa it reaches $500-$600 or more,” Amber says. “With Dessange you have a business model that’s proven to be successful, or they wouldn’t have so many renowned franchises all over the world. We feel secure in the Dessange business model.”



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