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What Makes the Dessange Luxury Salon Experience Different?

Dessange is unique in the beauty industry

DSC_4902The Dessange guest experience is one of absolute luxury. Every member of our team is trained with elite brand excellence guidelines that ensure the client’s comfort and satisfaction. Every person on the salon and spa team is a trained specialist in what they do, whether it’s in cutting and styling, coloring, skin care or nail care.

“The client experiences a new universe where time stands still and every whim is attended to,” says Benjamin Dessange, Chairman of the Executive Board of Dessange International. “Our Dessange specialists understand your global beauty needs inside and out. We are for the guest who really wants to work with a well-educated professional who’s the very best at what they do and who understands what’s fashionable and beautiful.”

Consider the Dessange Hair Spa experience. The client has an exclusive room to enjoy a consultation and treatment in a private setting, away from the public eye. Here they receive a diagnostic of their scalp and hair needs and enjoy a scalp and neck massage for 60 or 90 minutes — all before they receive the formal services of their master stylist or colorist.

Why Dessange is the ‘salon to the stars’

Dessange attracts a discerning, sophisticated clientele who trust and appreciate our highly customized hair and beauty services.

Dessange is more than a luxury brand because of our long-held status and reputation in the beauty industry and our decades of experience as the “salon to the stars.” We want every Dessange guest to feel like they just walked off a movie set, yet at the same time the Dessange guest never has a manufactured or unnatural appearance — they look like who they truly are. They have that indescribable “something” that the French call “je ne sais quoi.”

The Dessange guest comes for the most innovative hairstyles and hair color taken straight from our Prestige Show in Paris. The guest experience is one of absolute luxury. Exquisite attention to detail and style are the hallmarks of Dessange. Going to a Dessange salon and spa is a rare and heightened experience.

Dessange stylists are classically trained in time-honored techniques and also in the most advanced, cutting-edge styles. One example is our attention to balayage, arguably the most sought after coloring technique in the world. This “hair painting” method of creating natural-looking hair highlights was invented within the walls of Dessange, and we continue to perfect this technique year after year.

Every detail is important, every moment is treasured


Dessange salons offer a whole range of traditional beauty services, such as make-up, hand care, foot care, hair removal and skin cleansing. The hair spa is an experience like no other. The client has an exclusive room to enjoy a consultation and treatment in a private setting, away from the public eye. A scalp and neck massage is performed while a massage chair alleviates all tension from their back.

Our aesthetic expertise is the best in the industry and includes specialized treatments that combine the technology of state-of-the-art devices with Dessange beauty products.

At Dessange we pay attention to every detail, and the entire experience is about making a woman more beautiful from head to toe. We are known for must-try services from the sun-kissed highlights of balayage to restorative hair treatments that restore softness, strength and substance to even the most damaged hair.

Another example is our Terre Precieuse clay — literally translated as precious earth. These blends, for the most part, contain natural ingredients, including clays, essential oils, marine and botanical extracts, precious metals and stones, and botanical-origin cleansing bases. They don’t follow the regular shampoo/conditioner order, but each shampoo ritual starts with the application of the clay to the scalp, depending on your scalp type.

The city spa


Dessange owners have the option of adding a spa to their salon. A Dessange spa is like a separate universe of relaxation and well-being. The soothing interiors are in soft creams, golds and earth tones and made with the finest of materials — hardwood and marble. The furniture is exquisite.

The treatment rooms create a private haven conducive to daydreaming and escape, and the beauty advisers’ experienced hands dispense body treatments and facials that leave the guest completely relaxed. Relieved from tension and freed from toxins, the body is restored to balance with the mind.

The massages are inspired by the best techniques from around the world. The rituals, body and hand treatments and facials are adapted to all skin types to reveal their radiance and natural beauty.



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